Components for the plastics industry

Savaria has built its reputation in the plastics industry over the past two decades with a careful eye on quality, speed of service, price and a well developed knowledge of key requirements for the supply of metal into the plastics industry. We understand plastics and have machinery developed and manufactured by ourselves to assist in the production of armatures, inserts and assemblies for moulding onto, into and around plastics. ↑top↑

Parts for construction and agricultural machines

The ability to manufacture thick steel components to any volume accurately and to a high quality standard through our HiDefinition Plasma cutting production gives us major inroads into the supply of parts for this industrial sector. Secondary operations like forming, tapping, accurate small hole piercing, and all types of welding gives us the ability to quote attractive prices in this very competitive market sector. ↑top↑

Parts for the building and construction industry

We manufacture brackets, strips, straps, supports, assemblies, and bespoke metalwork to surveyor, architect or sub-contractor specifications. Utilizing advanced production techniques it is possible for us in the vast majority of cases to produce prototypes, pre production samples and final production with nil or negligeable tooling costs. We can supply complete RSJ sections tagged, drilled, shaped and pre finished in small quantities or complete portal building volumes. Prices are normally ex-works, but for an additional charge we can deliver direct to site or any other location as specified by our customers. ↑top↑

Components for trains, buses, aircraft

Growing out of the ability to use a wide variety of manufacturing processes and techniques, Savaria has been fortunate enough to find a significant demand for products that find their way into transport of all kinds. Tubular, CNC cut and strip formed components, as well as conventional pressings and turned parts finished in a variety of ways, depending upon the customer requirements for the internal or external application. ↑top↑

Assemblies and metalwork for traffic management

We have become a key supplier of framework, box and container work, and assembly components for traffic light, traffic signage, street furniture, street and road hardware and equipment. With levels of quality unsurpassed in this industrial sector, we manufacture components that will fit on the tip of your finger and assemblies you can easily hide inside! The range of finishing and protective coatings we have at our disposal is vast, and we are more than happy to help and advise. ↑top↑


Parts for the motor industry

Savaria was formed originally to supply pressed metal component parts into the second tier manufacturers servicing the motor industry. The company has the capacity to manufacture high volume pressings under quality conditions and using quality systems that satisfy the rigour of motor industry standards. All tooling is maintained internally to exacting standards. Although Savaria has conventional presses, where it is to the benefit of the customer in terms of price, quality or speed of supply alternative bespoke machinery and processes can be used to suit. ↑top↑