Pressing, blanking, raising, forming, piercing, holing, fine blanking, planishing, doming, chamfering, deep drawing, countersinking, plunging

Milling, drilling, rivetting, linishing, fettling, polishing, deburring, marking, planishing, crimping

Shaping, folding, lipping, bending, sheet, strip and coil materials

Spot, projection, mig, mag, tig, capacitor discharge welding and brazing in all suitable ferrous and non ferrous metals

Fibre Laser cutting, CNC turning and machining

Plating(Zinc,Galv,Nickel,Chrome,etc), painting, surface finishing, deburring, collating and packaging

Component assembly, sub assembly, final assembly


Conventional Presswork and Metal Pressing

Savaria was conceived over a quarter of a century ago as a metal pressing manufacturer to the second tier automotive industry. The knowledge, understanding and developed skill of forming and shaping strip, sheet and coiled metal is the foundation of our business. Although time has moved on and the integration of many other types of production has taken place, that core understanding and knowledge of presswork is still very much alive.
We can manufacture pressings up to 12mm thick, and currently produce components as small as a paperclip and large enough to cover the bonnet of a car. We have our own maintenance toolroom and manufacure tooling for our own production purposes in addition to a bank of accredited toolmakers. ↑top↑


Metal Fabrication

Fabrication of metal components has been a success story for us over the last decade. This area of production is inextricably linked to our welding, cnc metalworking and finishing processes. Our largest running product line for fabrication is industrial concrete mixing pans and hoppers (you can join three other people standing up in the biggest ones !!). That said, the bulk of monthly fabrication production is of smaller bracketry and components, with quantities ranging from 1 to 1000. We have both conventional Press Braking machinery and purpose built machinery for ring forming, radiusing, shaping and multiforming. With fabrication work we have no 'standard' maximum or minimum metal thicknesses as components may involve sheet, plate, bar or billet metals.↑top↑


CNC metal working

We have Fibre Laser capability of up to 2500mm x 1500mm x 12mm in steel, aluminium, stainless steel or brass. We can be far more competitive than many similar businesses who buy in profiles in our sector, and of course our other processes succeed in making component sourcing 'one stop'. In laser we can supply components up to 20mm thick, and we subcontract water cut components to allow cut sizes in excess of 150mm thick. We run CNC turning centres for our turned parts production and supply CNC machined parts 'as is' or integrated into assemblies. ' ↑top↑

Secondary Metalwork Operations

Our capabilities to work metal are extensive. We can offer an ever broadening range of secondary operations to compliment all of our other manufacturing activities. Most components we manufacture will require a sequence of several operations performed to achieve a finished product to our customers specification. Drilling, milling, cut machining and marking components are all key operations performed on a daily basis at Savaria. Again, size is not an issue. We endevour to move forward with our capabilities and will always embrace the opportunity to extend our manufacturing knowledge. ↑top↑


Our welding facilities are the result of the need for production capacity to manufacture both volume welded products and smaller one off or small batch orders. We have fixed booths where production volumes range from batches of 100+ to scheduled high volume components running at 1000+ per day. We also have the versatility of portable 3 phase machines and can weld a variety of non ferrous metals as well as steel. Welding bolts, pins, nuts, studs, rings and hooks is no problem with both spot, projection and capacitor discharge capability and mig or tig for larger components and beefier materials. All welding jig, fixture and tool making is carried out in our own toolroom, as are running repairs and refurbishments. ↑top↑


We have developed a substantial portfolio of ISO accredited finishing companies that supply us with finishing services. We electroplate, galvanize, electrophoretic coat, powdercoat, wet paint, vacuum metallize and anodize a large number of our components. In addition to the more traditional finishing processes we can finish to drawing specification more exotic surface coatings such as TiN (titanium nitride). Cosmetic surface treatments such as micro abrading and satinising are also offered. ↑top↑


We have a very experienced workforce at Savaria and have the trained personnel and expertise to supply you with more than a simple pressing. Any assembly work, regardless of complexity can be undertaken, and in a suitable environment to maintain the finished quality of your products. Our longest running assembly lines being the part manufacure and assembly of inertia reel seatbelts (safety critical items). ↑top↑